Thursday, June 16, 2011

New drawers

Yesterday I finally bought a chest of drawers for our bedroom!
I spotted them on Ebay a few weeks ago, but really wanted to check them out first before making the purchase.
So I had a little free time and headed to Carlton in Sydney to take a look.

I am really really happy with them! We will go and pick them up on Saturday.
I ended up paying $440 (advertised for $580)
Made from oak they are very old, but in such lovely condition. 
They do have another set there too... And I am seriously considering getting the other one for Buggy's room... I think I am getting scared off the little reno project I have given myself (More on that another day)

And can I also say how happy I am with the invites for my baby shower in Melbourne! 
A month to go today! Just need to start thinking about what food we are going to have...
I stole found the picture on Google images, wrote up the invite and then my sister just printed them out as a normal 6x4 photo at K-Mart!
Here is my copy on my fridge!

(Picture removed for now - I didn't realise you could read the address and phone numbers... Not a great idea, will fix and add back later)

I am still constantly thinking about the painting... So I have put a few things on ebay to try and raise some more funds to make my purchase seem fair and reasonable.
I am finding it hard though... I finish work in 8 more weeks and there is no maternity pay.
It is a lot of money to spend and I am scared... Thinking and decisions...


  1. Oh goodness I know how you feel! Babies and budgeting and trying to get it all ready is a bit of a nightmare!
    Once i finished the painting everything else was fun though :)

  2. (((hugs))) babies are not too will have made all the big purchases and nappies are really the only thing you will need to buy til bub is around 6 months old...even though it will be your first bub, so you will buy more clothes than bub actually needs :D (speaking from experience...especially as tiny girls clothes are so freakin cute!)

    Hope you enjoy your baby shower here in Melbourne (pack your winter woolies its been freezing here!).

  3. draws look great!
    Very exciting about the baby shower- the invites turned out so well.
    Agree with themcawesomes, that babies actually don't cost much once you have all the basics.
    That sucks about not getting maternity pay! At least you'll be getting the government one though? Not that Im suggesting you spend that on a painting :)

  4. They are gorgeous and that's a good deal as well.

    I feel the money pain, not looking forward to living off savings even though I'm entitled to the govt maternity pay. Fingers crossed Hubby gets a job!

  5. I will get the paid maternity leave... But it really isn't very much at all and only for 18 weeks.
    I did have a little freak out last night about money wieh my husbands commissions were mucked up and have been mucked around (long story)
    I am sure we will be fine.
    We should have enough saved, plus mat leave from govt, plus 2010/11 taxes to cover the mortgage for 12 months.
    Had a good long meeting with boss and HR today.
    I have a feeling I will end up back at work in 6-9 months with the plans and things that are happening at the moment.
    We will see though. We will see...

    Painting viewing still planned for the weekend...

  6. just a note to let you know we can read the address/ phone number on the invite :)


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