Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Little Lachie - welcome to the world my baby no. 2

In the very early hours of the morning of the 20th of January we welcomed our little boy Lachlan into the world a whole month early!
We are delighted and besotted and in love.
Lachie was transferred to the NICU in the hospital where I have birth and later transferred to The Royal Children's Hospital due to other complications (which we did know about - but I haven't got around to discussing here yet. Lachlan has some kidney issues that need to be rectified)
I have discharged myself from hospital (about 12 hours after birthing him!) and I'm home with my husband and Abigail.
We think it's best to have some normality for Abs for now rather than me be in a hospital where my son isn't!
We have been allowed one quick cuddle and it's petty shit being home without him.
Hopefully it's bit too long a stay for him and he's home with us soon.

About 16 hours old. Losing the 'puffiness' and settling in at The Royal Children's.

Minutes old and being allowed a cuddle before being shipped off the NICU. This was the last time I held him. I hope it's not long till I can again. 


  1. Congratulations, hopefully he is home with you really soon.

  2. Congrats Sammie. I hope everything gets sorted out really soon and you and your family are able to take Lachie home soon.

    Sending lots of well wishes Lachie's way.

  3. Congratulations! I hope he is home safe and well soon x

  4. Congratulations x As the person usually shipping the baby off to the nursery I know how hard it must be but he'll be in good hands x

  5. Congratulations of your beautiful boy! So sorry to hear you've had to leave him in hospital, hope he's in your arms where he belongs quickly and safely.
    Let me know if there's anything you need!

  6. Congratulations to you and your family. I know how tough it is to be home with your baby still at the hospital.

  7. He is just gorgeous. I can see the resemblance to your husband (but you too as well!). It must be so hard to not have him with you and then to also ensure that you are taking care of Abs. Make sure you are taking care of yourself too sweetie. Big hugs and kisses your way!

  8. He looks just like your Hubby Sammie!
    Thinking of you guys lots and lots, it's the pits not immediately getting to bring them home :(
    You are such a wonderful mama to both of them, they're lucky to have such amazing parents. Hoping his stay in the hospital isn't too long.
    LOOOOOOVE the name xoxo

  9. Gorgeous boy - so blessed to have you as a mummy. Praying for a quick recovery for the little fella so that he's back in your arms ASAP x

  10. Congratulations Sammie. Hope he is doing well and is able to be home with you really soon! Xoxo

  11. Your husband looks more wrecked then you. You look glowing. Hope all is well for your family of four.

  12. Congratulations Sammie! I hope he comes out of NICU soon. I remember visiting Nyla and feeling sad staring at her through the enclosed cot as all I wanted to do was to cuddle and feed her. Hopefully it won't be long before he comes home and gets plenty of cuddles. x

  13. Warmest Congratulations Sammie!! He is divine!
    Hope he's in your arms soon!
    Welcome to the world Lachlan xx


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