Sunday, January 19, 2014


'A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week in 2014'

It's been hot. Really hot. Our evap cooling couldn't even cope! We spent a lot of time resting during the day and swimming and swimming at night at my parents house.
Poor little poppet was hot but needed sleep. We all spent a lot of our home time in our underwear. 


  1. You poor thing it's just cruel being this hot when you're heavily pregnant, hope the cool change is there to stay for you!

  2. What a little sweetie! I really feel for you in this heat. When I had Sienna at this time of year, it was a complete heat wave. Over 40 every day and I was overdue. Couldn't leave the house and was going bonkers....I remember thinking how grateful I was that I didn't have another child to run around after. Hope you have lots of good help sweetie.


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