Saturday, December 14, 2013

not long now

I've been so bad! Lost the mojo again and just been enjoying spending time with my girl.
Quite possibly also not much to chat about???
Anyway, we have reached 30 weeks! Since the 12 week scan and 'reveal' it has just flown!
Dr's appointment on Thursday revealed that we are in head down position (not to say this wont and can't change) and everything going really well!

It's been really interesting to compare my bump pics from last time to now.
Not much difference I think?

Black singlet and photo to the left is CURRENT pregnancy and the white top on the right is when I was pregnant at 30 weeks with Abigail.

I do need to get some better photos... Said that last time too...


  1. So wonderful, it's very exciting seeing you grow!

  2. You are gorgeous! Can't wait to see photos of that beautiful little boy too!

  3. I cannot believe its gone so quick and Baby O will be here in no time!!! x


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