Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So only 3 sleeps till the big man in a red suit comes down the chimney!
I LOVE Christmas! I love everything about it and for that I have my mum (& family to thank) Mum decorates the house from top to toe and from one end to another and let me tell you their house it is BIG set on 80 acres the house is something like 100 squares!

We have been singing Christmas carols - Abi's favorite being Jingle Bells! If only I could get a recording of her doing it! Melts my heart I tell you! She is forever pointing out Christmas trees and Santas and LIGHTS! and more. (Oh and says "Merry Christmas Mr Buble" if listening to Michael Buble's Jingle Bells version!)

Its been a long tradition that dad's side of the family have their Christmas a week or so before actual Christmas day so everyone doesn't feel obliged to do the travelling and tooo'ing and fro'ing on Christmas day. That day was yesterday. I haven't been to one of these days on well over 10 years for one reason or another. I'm close to a few of dad's family but not all and really can't be bothered with it all. But as it was held at mum and dad's I could hardly NOT go seeing as I live 15 mins away from them... We had a lovely day! Organised a jumping castle (which the guy isn't picking up till Monday!) and 36 adults and children for a feast and booze and fun.
No fights or arguments to be had and I had a little girl that grinned from ear to ear all day.

Next up we will have the Christmas Eve extravaganza at mum and dad's which is totally awesome fun and we can not wait!
What's all the more special is that myself and my 3 siblings and our families all stay over Christmas Eve and all wake up together on Christmas morning!

Christmas day is all about our family and much of the time mum's family, or the majority of them at least.
Always a good time and my uncle has a daughter same age as Abi so the girls have a ball whenever they see each other.

Many years ago dad exclaimed that he was never leaving the house again on Christmas day and that was that. You want to see any of us you know where to find us. Suits us all down to the ground.

I adore my family and couldn't think of a better way to spend Christmas. One year away from them (spent with me hosting my ex's family) and never ever again. Tears all day from myself, mum and sister was enough for me to know exactly where I belong on Christmas day. Erin (my husband) has known about this since day dot and is more than happy to comply. (he will hate me but below I have a few snippets of last year and you might see that he seems to thoroughly enjoy himself.

After a mishap with what was supposed to be a pork a few years ago Erin is now in charge of the baked ham. This is last years and the biggest success so far that he is doing the same one this year (todays job actually)

Always trying to get a family photo. Hopefully this year will be better and more succesful. Scary to think that next year this will be a family of 4!

Christmas Eve carols by the piano... Someone was a little tired. This also felt like the 'nicest' photo to post. I got a little mean after this with photos...

Christmas morning. THE Christmas tree... Totally and utterly spoilt is what seems to happen in this house/family.  I think this year will be a little more subdued but still fabulous and fun!

These two little girls have grown so so much! Can't wait to get another pic of them again at the tree this year.

Afternoon on Christmas Day chocolate fountain fun! That's my mum and brother (the pilot) 

Not actually cousins (Lily is my cousin!) but we call them cousins anyway. got totally into the dress ups and this year will be no different! That's a Red Pheonix necklace that I got for Christmas that Abi is wearing! Very trusting mumma here.

I can not wait for this year and all it brings. And I'll be sure to post first on Instagram (SAMMIE_OLS) and then a post here to recap and remember.

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  1. I'm a little envious it would be so nice to have a family that is into the holidays. Ours are very blase about it.
    Hope you have the most wonderful Christmas!

  2. Damn that is one large ham!!!!!

  3. Sounds like a great Christmas you guys do! BTW where is Erin's apron from? Love the chevron print...

  4. there you go S! One apron!


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