Thursday, October 31, 2013


I'm not really big on the while Halloween thing. I never celebrated it growing up and don't see the need to do so with Abi either. But I still did dress her up for daycare!
At late notice daycare decided to celebrate all week so that none of the kids missed out.
We threw something together for monday and Tuesday as Abi had a few extra days at daycare because I was working. Then it got to Wednesday and we were all out of ideas!
Thankfully a quick late night trip to Target and my mum dropping past Spotlight for some tulle resulted in this 'half arsed' attempt for Wednesday. Made her little skirt myself with some ribbon and strips of tulle. Really needed double or triple the amount of tulle! But oh well. Maybe I'll add to it and keep it for next year.

Showing off her ballet moves at daycare (loving ballet btw!)

Getting this one to pose is IMPOSSIBLE at the moment. Here we are out the front of daycare waiting to go in.
Today was ballet so she has had her ballet uniform on for half the day. That counts doesn't it?


  1. She's gorgeous! You are one amazing mama xoxo

  2. Doesn't matter what she wears. Abi makes everything look gorgeous on her :-)


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