Thursday, October 24, 2013

mix it baby

It's all about online shopping for me these days. I'm sure my postie must think I'm a SAHM 'kept' woman! Sometimes it's like we get a new package EVERY DAY! oops! (Don't tell my husband!)
For some time I have been checking out online the Coles MIX apparel range. I seem to fill my cart but never actually check out!
I'm slowly getting my head around 'boy' shopping and was pleasantly surprised at what was available in the Coles MIX range.
Made a little purchase last week and it arrived yesterday.

Very impressed with the quality so far! Will see how it washes and wears, but I have only heard good things.
Great looking little pieces that wont break the bank! I'm talking tshirts for $6 and shorts for $8 !!!
The sizing seems fairly true to size, though the shorts for Abi are a 2 and seem pretty HUGE! But the tops which are also tagged a 2 seem right on for size. The little baby BOY stuff there is 0-3 months and I don't see it fitting straight away. I didn't notice if they had a NB size.
Check it out!

Have you purchased from Coles MIX before? What do you think?

Included in this order for Abigail:
Apple T
Flamingo T
Stripe Shorts

For Baby Boy:
Train T
Green Stripe T
Cargo Shorts

I was not at all sponsored for this post. (I wish! Wouldn't that be nice!)


  1. They're adorable! We get packages every other day but sadly they aren't for me Miss P is an avid online shopper.

  2. Everyone's raving about Mix.. I need to check it out. The boys need shorts/pants.

  3. Cute pieces and as I've mentioned before, we've been really happy with the bits we have for E. I'm a fan of the cardis too ... good weight and well made.


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