Monday, October 21, 2013

changing shape

When I was pregnant with Abi I really didn't enjoy it. Lucky for me I didn't get very 'big' and had a pretty compact bump for quite some time.
This time I have been nearly as lucky and at 21 and a little bit weeks I looked like this:

I'm now 22 weeks and a little bigger, but probably about 3 weeks 'ahead' in size than what I was with Abi.
I am 99.99% sureI only want 2 children, plus having a girl and now expecting a boy it seems pretty complete really.
So, I have decided to try and enjoy this pregnancy and my every changing body shape more.
Something that I just loved and am so glad I did with Abigail was to have professional newborn photos taken of her.
The wonderfully talented Kath Ellis took Abi's newborn photos (and also a 1yo shoot) but sadly she's in Sydney and I'm in Melbourne so it's just not really going to work out this time is it.
I also don't want to go spending a small fortune on photographs (poor second child does miss out a bit don't they!) and just recently found a lovely facebook page of a photographer Ashli K.
She does a package which includes a maternity shoot (from 34 weeks) and then a newborn shoot. Perfect! So I have booked her.
I have emailed her and linked lots and lots of Kath's photos so she can get am understanding of what exactly I am looking for in out photos. (Check out her most recent maternity session! - my stunning friend Laura)
MAternity session is booked for the 17th of Jan! Slightly terrified and excited at the same time.
For now I'll keep rubbing my ever growing bump and learn to embrace the pregnancy body as much as I can.

Did you or would you do a maternity session?
Got any pointers or tips for me? (And no there will be NO nudity!)

I was not in any way sponsored for this post.


  1. I didn't have any maternity shots but I definitely wish I had, I think if it's more than likely this one is your last it's a good idea to capture what is such a fleeting moment in your life.

  2. You look beautiful Sammie :)
    The photographer looks like a good choice. I'm so torn re maternity shoot too ... I definitely didn't want them last time but given this is likely to be our last bub, maybe I will regret not having them. X

  3. Yay, photoshoots are great fun. I did go nudie rudie for mine but there was carefully placed scarves and everything. I just hated how much they photoshopped me :( but it was from one of those cheap deal sites!

    Can't wait to see them, you're looking great xoxo


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