Thursday, April 4, 2013

hang it

We are still living in a rental. Though we moved to a new one about 6 weeks ago. It's much nicer, lighter and brighter.
The problem with rentals is not being able to hang things on the walls.
We have quite a bit of art and many of those originals. Sadly they are all packed away in the spare room and it's coming up to nearly a year that they have been like that and lonely.

I really wanted to 'jazz' up Abi's room a little. You may rememeber a few posts ago I wrote about the Colette Dinnigan & the Australian Ballet for Target range?
Well I bought 3 x tutu's on sale! a pink size 3, a purple size 5 and just receintly a blue size 7.
And this is what I did!

There are some other posts on her room from January 2012 here and then April 2012 here.

Now, I am not one to steal all the credit and I'm always happy to say that most of the time my best ideas come from someone else! (Just ask any HN store that I did training with!) And I have to say the base for my idea came from here. Yup, somehow seeing a tutu hanging on a cot gave me the idea to put them on the wall...

I'd love to put up some other stuff, but reading the instructions for the 3M wall hanging thingies and then weighing any of our art means it's not going to happen.

Anyone else got some ideas??? (Other than 'buy a house! - And there's another story there too!)


  1. That is a brilliant idea! I might steal it ;-). We are in a rental as well, with no intention of buying again for awhile and we are stuck with the flimsy 3m wall hanging this as well - it is really one of the most annoying things about renting!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your art :( I use the 3M hangers for my art at work (I double up and use 4 hangers per artwork) but I understand if you're nervous about it. In the meantime, the tutus look fab!

  3. That is such a cute idea! Are you thinking of buying?

  4. You can put small prints/paintings against a wall on top of a table or drawers. Or place them on a shelf?

  5. Beautiful and smart thinking!

    I don't have any solutions I'm afraid, it's such a pain with rentals :(

  6. Sammie, that looks so so so very lovely. The colours look fantastic together too. :)


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