Saturday, April 13, 2013

babys got style


Woah... I spent most of my morning yesterday online... Shopping...
Yup, you heard right... MOST of my morning... Actually I think it rolled into the afternoon...
The Baby's got style sale was just way too good! But way way too slow.

Picked up some wonderful bargains and some great gifts!
I love to think forward to birthdays, new babies (not mine!) and special gifts and stock up when I can!

Can not wait to get the order!!! And I shall post back about it all then!

I even went back for more! But what I wanted sold out before I had a chance to check out.
Oh well...

Now, I'm warning you... There is still a lot of bargains there... Be prepared to spend up BIG!

Happy shopping! And you can call me 'The Enabler'

* Please note that I am in no way being paid or sponsored by BGS (Although I'd like to be!) I just like to let everyone know of the amazing bargains out there!


  1. There is some great stuff there, trying hard to resist!

  2. I tried ignoring their email and then I stumbled across this :p

    I got Logan a penguin skip hop bag (his first one the dog we use for daycare so nice to have a backup) and for travelling I got him the mini bag with leash haha - I think I'm going to be that mother I always made fun of!

  3. Hi Sammie, wondering if you actually received your order? (I placed an order last Friday and have not heard anything yet.)

  4. Sadly as of 19 April they have ceased trading pending sale of business ... I am kicking myself because I had started an order the night before but abandoned it in favour of a TV show with the intention of doing the order the next day. Brings to mind the old saying 'dont put of for tomorrow what you can do today' :(

  5. Yes, sadly BGS have ceased trading.
    I have so far received one order, but my second order nothing. And I know quite a lot of people still waiting.
    A real shame and very disappointing that they didn't notify ANYONE. All Facebook and queries closed down also.


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