Wednesday, April 3, 2013

bunny hop

Here's my little bunny from Easter!
We were away for the long weekend and had a ball!
A little chocolate (ok so maybe I had a lot) was eaten, lovely champagne was drunk, meals out, roast dinners and more!

Many many months ago I did buy Abi a cute little pair of bunny PJ's from Peter Alexander but sadly my little bunny hasn't grown quite as much as I was thinking she would and they are HUGE on her so I whipped these Baby Gap buggy pj's out instead. The PA ones probably wont fit till next year!

Don't you just love the long 4 day weekend we get at easter!

The bunny ears are Oobi. You can see quite a few bunnies sporting their ears HERE & HERE! And I'm sure there's more!!! Post a link to your ear wearing bunnies so I can (and others!) check them out!


  1. Great minds think alike. Abbi is gorgeous in her ears and bug pjs!

  2. Those ears are gorgeous! The floral fabric with the bows! Not to mention her gorgeous mop of hair.

  3. I love her in her Buggy outfit! Such a sweet girl.

  4. Where has baby Abi gone??? She has grown into a beautiful (but still very cute) little girl! Those ears rule!

  5. Abi is super cute! I cannot believe how quickly she has grown xo

  6. Bit slow on the uptake... have just caught up on your news... hope the transition back to full time SAHM is all that you hoped! Abi is just gorgeous and has grown up so much. What a little miss! Adorable :)

  7. She looks so grown up! And cute! Love her x

  8. Abi looks so different! A real little girl and beautiful combination of Mummy & Daddy.


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