Tuesday, March 26, 2013

nearly new wheels


Many many months ago, before Abi could even walk! (possibly before she could even crawl!) It was recommended that the perfect second birthday present was a scooter.
I was also recommended the Mini Micro.
Fast forward to the weekend and we had some very dear friends from Sydney come and stay and we were chatting about scooters.
My friends little boy is the same age as Abi but much more advanced that her! Completely adorable and they got along and played so well!
Anyway... She had been looking at scooters and showing me how they still went for crazy prices even on ebay!
I turned the computer on and completely randomly stumbled across a Rebel Sport sale and found the scooters at 50% off!

If you or someone you know are in the market for a scooter for their little one then this scooter comes highly recommended by lots of people I know!
I can't recommend myself just yet, but I can in a few months! I bought one today and put it away for Abi's second birthday present! That's why they are her nearly new wheels!

Image via Rebel Sport website
And if your little one isn't quite so little... They have a few different ones on sale!  HERE
A fantastic birthday or Christmas present you can buy now & save! or even a "just because" gift! (They are always my favourite!)

I love a good bargain!

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  1. Thanks for posting...I have to check the sale out!



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