Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bubble Bubble toile and FUN!

So now that I have given up the gig (work) - perhaps to return but not sure when and to what?
I thought it was time to get a little budget conscious.

I will try to post at least once a week something I am doing or planning on doing that's budget conscious and actually worthwhile or fun. (Sometimes I see the most ridiculous things that just make me think What The???)

Today it's all about the BUBBLES!

Abi just LOVES bubbles.
Way back when she was a little wee one and before we moved to Melbourne we had a long weekend with my folks in the Hunter Valley.

At our visit to Petersons House Abi just loved the bubbles coming from the ceiling!
Not much has changed and she still LOVES bubbles!

While at the supermarket the other day I picked up one of these:

Image sourced via Google - we got a blue one!

$2 guys! YES! $2 for hours of fun and child entertainment! And what's better is that this tube is reusable! a bit of dishwashing liquid or bubble bath and water and your done!
The best bit to me was that I can just wave the wand. no blowing and getting that lightheaded feeling!

Also, they could be a prefect party favour! Look at what a friend recently did for her daughters first birthday! so much better than lollies that rot teeth and turn the children hyper!

Thanks C for letting me 'steal ' your photo!
We have been bubbling it up nearly every afternoon for a week! And loving it!


  1. BUBBLES! Such good fun, and suits a budget!

    The last couple of years my fiance's mum has included something bubble-related in our Xmas stocking, and even at our age it is one of the best things to play with on Xmas morning. Haha

  2. Cute post

    Could you go part time instead?


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