Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WAS going to a wedding in my undies

UNTIL! I had the help of some very special friends and helped me to virtual shop!
Don't you just love technology these days!
After numerous posted pics 'we' finally found and agreed on  this navy Veronika Maine dress.
I've always been a fan of VM and even wore VM to our Engagement party many years ago. In Fact I still wear the dress now! (except it's a little on the tight side ATM)
Even more exciting was that it was on sale! It's on it's way to me via Australia Post thanks to the wonderful girls at the Bourke Street store (Sophie to be exact!)

Image Via Veronkia Maine

We have my cousins wedding on Friday afternoon! And I can not wait!

I think Abigail will be dressed in Collette Dinnigan for Target sequin bolero and dusty pink tutu! Perhaps just a little plain singlet underneath?
Seriously how adorable is the CD for Target range! And also well and truly on sale now! Both of these items were originally over $40 and are now reduced to less than $15
They start from a size 3 and although Abigail is no where near being a size 3! They still fit quite well and will last some time.
There's no flower girls to upstage either! Just better be careful she doesn't take the limelight away from the stunning bride!
I have bought 2 x tutus with a vision for Abigail's bedroom. I think I might get one more now and make it a trio!
Love the range but don't want to risk a trip to the shops to find that they don't have what you are after? Target do have delivery or there's always the 'click and collect' option!
Via Target

Image Via Google - but can be found at Target

She will be coming to the ceremony and for the first little bit of the reception.
Can't wait! I haven't been to a wedding in such a long long time!

What is it about a wedding that gets everyone so excited! I love weddings! Do you?


  1. Love your dress, Abbi is going to be absolutely adorable too!

  2. Have fun!!! Yes I love weddings too, I think its a day of celebration all round so who can't like that.

  3. You girls are going to be the second and third best dressed there ;)

  4. Can't wait to see a mummy and Abi photo!! Enjoy the wedding, I know you'll look gorgeous xx

  5. You'll be 2 very well-dressed ladies that's for sure. Wish that bolero came in my size!

  6. Love your dress and Abi's outfit: adorable! One thing I miss whilst being pregnant is wearing VM. I managed for the first 20 weeks, but no luck now.

  7. I've nominated you for a Liebster award. If you're interested the information is here.


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