Friday, September 14, 2012

mini version

For some time now I have been looking for the prefect table and chairs for Abigail.
I found and fell in love with and posted about THIS.
But it was way way too expensive for my liking.

Then one day my mum was in a bit of a strange mood... And then came up to me nearing tears explaining that she had bought the table and chairs for Abigail but then couldn't get it as it was out of stock. She had been searching far and wide for it and just didn't know what to do! (It was supposed to be a very surprise birthday present)

Still searching and still searching I came across Click-On Furniture and replica mini versions...
I had a few minuets spare today and was in the area so called into the showroom and took a look at the following:
Click On - Jasper Junior Chair

Click On - Jasper Junior Table

Click On - Junior Wire Chair

Sorry for the poor images. I took them from the click on website.
Do I go replica furniture? or is replica 'vomit' (I keep thinking of Dale from the last series of The Block and his hate dislike of replica furniture...)
Would same table and chairs been too "matchy matchy" ??? Do I get pink chairs ??? But what if we have another child and it's a boy ???

Help me decide!
Look at what else Click On have to offer!


  1. I got the chairs in white for my nephews 1st birthday and his mum got him that table in blue! They are ADORABLE!!

  2. Oh I love them, I love it all. I love little chairs and little tables. I'm guilty of currently hoarding 2 little tables and 6 little chairs. One set was a gift and the others were all street side hauls...I can't help myself. They are all so cute!! We have one inside and one outside. They all get used. I work on the premise that you have to live with the furniture for a number of years so you might as well treat it as a piece that you would choose for yourself. For us, that means, working with our decor and no themed plastic! We can't do the matching look as it wouldn't work with our house as nothing matches anyway:) We have a little white round wooden table and a few handmade chairs (white, found road side), a panton kids chair (yellow). It works really well as when we have little visitors, each little one gets a special different chair which they like. My advice is go for one pink chair! It will stand out and be a statement. You can always buy another if you have another girl and if you have a boy you can buy the light blue/ white!

  3. I got the mini replica ghost chairs for my boys, but I had a lot of trouble getting a table. Wish I got the ones you want instead!

  4. There's nothing wrong with replicas but a house full of them could feel soulless. As long as your personality shines through you don't need to worry about genuine or replica.
    Also pink is fine for boys too, you could always have one resprayed or put blue cushions on later down the line.

  5. Nothing wrong with replicas! If it goes well with the rest of your furniture its beter than a whole heap of other stuff out there! When you have champagne taste on a beer budget, something has to give. And abi wont know the difference! Go for it :-)

  6. I have the Kartell Lou Lou Ghost chairs for G so I'm not really one to give advice about saving money with furniture... In my defense, one of the chairs was a gift...

    I like the replicas and think there is nothing wrong with them. So long as they are hardy enough to withstand the rigours of a little one then I say go for it!

    The original chair & table set was from Incy Interiors, by the way. It's owned by a friend of mine and they make splendid furniture.

    As an aside, I would go for the green if you war worried about gender...

    K xx

  7. I'm still torn. Still don't know which one!
    Money isnt really as issue now as my mum and dad are getting it as Abi's belated birthday present...
    If only the perfect road side find would come along!
    Miss KC, I wasn't aware that table a chairs is through Incy. I'll change my original post and credit to be fair. Thanks for the info.

    And thanks for the feedback! I'm still in love with the t&c from my first post... But would that be too matchy matchy seeing as the chairs are the same as our dining chairs...

  8. I think it's rather cute that they match your dining setting! I'm thinking of getting G a set, even though we have the Ghosts... They also have the cutest Egg chairs for kids.

    I wasn't worried about the credit, I just love spreading the word about Incy. My friend K does an awesome job as a Mumma and as an entrepreneur!

    K xx

  9. I'm looking at chairs and tables too. We already have authentic Ghost chairs at the dining table think it will be too matchy matchy to have a set for Lily. I don't have a problem with replica furniture but there are some which are better quality than others.

    I like the Eames white set but that is because I can see myself getting that LOL.


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