Sunday, September 16, 2012

the girls

It's been a weekend of 'the girls' mummy and daughter time and LOTS of cuddles. Erin (my husband) has gone to Sydney for the weekend but we stayed behind.

My best friend from high school and I always said we weren't going to have children...
Today I helped celebrate her daughters first birthday...

It's a long story, but we lost touch (in fact I think I have mentioned this before) so it was very special to me that they came to Abigail's first birthday and that we today were able to attend Tess' birthday.

I didn't get any good shots, but I'm hoping that my friends sister in law did!

It was a very nervous day today.  I haven't seen her parents and family in a very long time. They know I hurt her. It's a long story. A story for another day.

Whats important is that we are back in contact. We catch up and we have daughters that are only 5 weeks apart in age! (would have been 2.5 if I hadn't had Abi early and her Tess late)

Tess says "Abi look over there!" - Two adorable girls in their party dresses!


  1. Good on you for mending a friendship & in turn creating another one! Two gorgeous little girls :)

  2. oh so hard. I have a similiar story although not quite mended yet. Bravo to you for putting yourself out there. Well done to you..completely understand your are such a sweetie Sam!

  3. They're so lovely together. All relationships take effort, the important thing is you are working to rebuild a special one.

  4. Those 2 lil girls look absolutely adorable together. Hopefully they grown up to be the best of friends like you and your friend. Glad to know you 2 reconnected again. Good friends can be really hard to find!!!

  5. Wonderful story. Warmed my heart on a tough day x


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