Sunday, September 9, 2012

4 cakes

So Abi ended up having 4 cakes for her FIRST birthday...
Spoilt brat! I know!
No! Not really! Just lots and lots of reason to celebrate!

Abi's cake we had in Sydney for celebrations with friends. Made by my super awesome friend Megan. (If you are in Sydney and after a cake let me know! I'd be happy to pass on her details. - This is a hobby!) She also made my husbands birthday cake! I blogged about it already HERE

Red velvet cupcakes for daycare... I'm going to admit it here and here ONLY... (That's WhiteWings packet cakes...) & they were really really nice!

Rainbow cake! Made my Aunty Emma! Good old Womens Weekly recipe! 

The Saturday before Abi's party my sister (Aunty Emma) sent me a text to see how the cake was going... I sent her a piccy of what I think was the prefect colour PINK icing!

cakes molded together with ganache! I'd made them a week earlier and froze them. I don't trust our oven. It's seriously crap so headed to my sisters and baked them in her Miele oven...

Couldn't find the electric knife... So had to shape with normal knives... I ended up using a bread knife!

Happy Birthday platter borrowed from my sister, the 'dome' iced! and home made freckles added!

The head was a red velvet cupcake. eyes pink 'smarties' and pink pipe cleaners to make up he rest.

Side view. Eyes should have been moved down a little I think.

End result. Already posted. I'm very proud!
If you are after a super easy and scrumptious cake recipe, then give this one a go! Megan made Abi's Sydney cake from it and I made my lady bug from it too! 


  1. They're all lovely. As many cakes as possible is the best way to go, you can't spoil anyone too much when celebrating birthday.

  2. I agree 100% with Lila. You did an amazing job Sammie as did your sister and friend (sometimes packet mix is a Girl's best friend).

  3. So much yummie goodness. The cakes are all lovely Sammie. Abi is such a lucky lil sweetheart!!! :)

  4. You know the kids of mine would be lucky if I bought them a cupcake. Lol I'm such a horrible mum lol....

  5. Hi,

    I was wondering what icing you used for your ladybug cake? I am hoping to make a chocolate mud cake for my daughter's first birthday this weekend and not sure if buttercream would be the best icing to use

  6. jade1234 it's just buttercream! I made it really stiff. iced it the day before the party too and it held up beautifully


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