Sunday, July 22, 2012

I am not...

Via Google images. A domestic goddess I am NOT!

I am many things... But there a few I am definitely not!
I am not a cleaner. I like clean. I like tidy. But I loath doing it.
And I can not iron to save myself!
While I have been off on maternity leave, it was only fair that I did the cleaning.
Before we moved from Sydney we would send out ironing out to be done. Mainly just my husbands shirts, and sometimes the odd thing of mine.

With the return to work, the deal was I would get another cleaner. Yippee! Wah Hoo!
But. Since we have moved everything is so much harder to find. Oh, and when you do, it's more expensive!
I went from living in the inner West of Sydney to the outer North East of Melbourne! I was sure everything was supposed to be cheaper!
Not so...

So, I now pay more to get my husbands shirts ironed. And I have to drop them off and pick them up! No door to door service anymore.
And I can't even find a cleaner! They don't answer their phones or reply to a message after they advertise in the local paper! Or you are too far from them! (Why did you advertise in my local paper then!) Or our house is too small!
And even after all that... They use my cleaning products, vacuum, mop etc... and I pay an extra $5 an hour more that I used to in Sydney!

Ok, rant over.

Do you have anything particular that you loath doing so you outsource it?
Have you had as much difficulty as me? (Or is it just me!)

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