Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear Abigail (ELEVEN Months Old)

Wearing a stunning little dress hand sewn by one of my friends!

My Dear Baby Girl!

You  are now 11 months old! Only one more month till you turn one! I can't believe it!
Crazy! This past year has flown by at the speed of lightening.
I haven't written you your monthly letter for a few months, but so so much has been going on!

You are now a super crawler! You can sand on your own! You slowly have started to cruise around furniture! You are chatty and talk ALL THE TIME.

I have finally  gone back to work. It's sad. But I am so lucky and so blessed that I was able to have a full 11 months off work and nearly all that time was with you because you decided to come and introduce yourself to us a little early.

There's more teeth! You have slowly been weaned too. I gave you your last breastfeed only a few days ago on Saturday morning. It was just the two of us. It was quiet, peaceful and a little sad really. But you are becoming a big girl now and becoming so so independent too.

The weaning was a slow process. We had to find a formula you would take (thank you Belamey's!) and we had to get you to start taking a bottle again too. Finally, slowly but surely your daytime feed was switched. With my return to work, I knew that already within my first week I was going to have a late night and not be able to feed you so we were able to sneak in the night time feed and you took to this with ease.
It was only a matter of time that we would switch the morning feed to a bottle of formula too. And sadly it came about more due to my supply going to barley nothing.

I'm so proud of both of us though! We struggled for so long when you were a tiny baby, but we got through it and I think it's fair to say that I successfully and exclusively breast fed you for the first 10 months of your life!

You are now eating so much! You love to try a wide variety of things now too! This is great and it does make meal times easier too.

Your blonde hair is slowly growing and getting thicker. But it's also getting a little darker again. Not surprising as the same thing happened to me when I was little.

There is so so much more and I could go on all day!
We just think you are amazing in every way and I sometimes wish I could freeze moments of time, but each and every day brings something new and exciting so best we just keep steam rolling on to ONE!

Love you to pieces my little girl!

Your Mummy.

Cosy and keeping warm in cold Melbourne

Hanging out in what looks like is going to be dad's new toy.. An old Mini Cooper

Dear Abigail - NINE months old


  1. I can't believe she's almost one! Your transition to formula was well done, we do a bit of both but if I was working I'm sure we'd need to go to all formula. Also I adore that scarf, it's very pretty.

    1. He he! An old 'Mambo' scarf my sis and I always used to pinch off each other!
      Abi's the winner and keeper of it now!

  2. Gorgeous! 11 months, where does the time go?

  3. Almost one already! What a beautiful little girl.

  4. Jeepers I've missed out on so many posts (sorry!). I can't believe how big Abi is, such a little charmer I bet. That letter is beautiful and pushing me to write out Logan's 8 month one.
    You are doing such an amazing job especially with starting back at work and having such a big move to contend with as well. Give that gorgeous girls lots of kisses and cuddles from me xoxo

    1. A charmer she is! Logan 8 months! Wowzers!!!
      Lots of hugs and kisses all round!

  5. Wow she looks like a toddler and not much younger than Lily! Lily went from breastfeeding to Bellamy's as well. Abi is definitely looking less baby-like and more like her pretty mummy!

    I can't believe Abi is nearly one! I'm glad to hear that she is enjoying day care though and that work is treating you well xxx

    1. So much like a toddler. Not so much like a baby anymore.
      Sad and exciting all at the same time!

  6. Such a spunk in that dress. Happy 11mths Abi

  7. Abi just gets gorgeous and gorgeous! Can't believe she is almost 1!!!!

  8. I just popped over from a comment you left on my blog :) and saw the Mini Cooper thing! My Dad is doing one up for my Mum :) They are so cute!


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