Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hello Hello?

Well it's been pretty crazy busy around here. And not a lot of blogging.
I've started work! It's good. I think.
Abi LOVES day care. I miss her. The smile and excitement and hug I get when I pick her up is priceless! I love it!

Mind the TERRIBLE mess that I have done my best to make furry and hide a little. But this is me and what I wore on my first day back!
Nothing flash or expensive but a Merino top from Glassons and a skirt from French Connection!
I have hardly taken any photos lately either. I must not forget to take photos... I don't want to miss out on my daughter growing up.
My husband took this shot of Abi and I last weekend. We went to the beach house and on the way home called into the Mill Market. You know the one that Sophie and Dale went to all the time on this past season of The Block? It's pretty awesome! And reasonable prices too!
We didn't buy anything, but very well could have!
Because we are currently living in a rental. we don't want to necessarily buy stuff for here, but rather wait till we buy again.
Although if I ever find an old french bakers stand for a price that doesn't blow my mind then I'll just find a place for it in our current house or store it at my folks house!

Having a turn on the old Vespa!
I've also been buying up big from rudy and the dodo! Have you checked out this online store yet? It's awesome and some really cool stuff too! Some birthday gifts for a few of Abi's friends and even some birthday gifts for her! Lot's of wooden toys which is always a nice change to all the plastic we seem to have here.
I love the way the box came addressed to me!

And how about this! Look at the first drawing Abi did at day care! Even on her first day!
What a little artist she is! (ha ha! Very proud parent here...)
Apparently they start a portfolio for the kids! How cool! Can't wait to see what else she does and I can't wait to start putting her 'art work' on my fridge!!!

And finally. I feel the need to share a good bargain with anyone! So here's one for today!
First Choice have Chandon on sale for $17.82 a bottle in any 6!
I think Chandon is an excellent every day champagne sparkling. Although if I could drink Veuve every day I would!
We have a baby shower being planned and also a first birthday coming up so I'm off to purchase some!


  1. Hi Sammie
    What a great post, I love the bit about the Chandon best, one must have prioroties. Love your back to work look too! I know Rudi and the dodo, they are al lots of markets! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. PS Sammie

    Can yo please email re my giveaway, I would like to post it on Monday and I can't put my finger on your email telling me what piece of Rowantree you wanted!

  3. So glad to hear that the return to work and Abi's start at daycare have gone well!

  4. Yay for Abi loving day care!

    And cheap bubbly - love it!!

  5. So glad to hear things have gone well!

  6. I'm so happy to hear that all went well with Abi's day care and your return to work.

    Love your outfit. The skirt is gorgeous. Glassons merino tops are fantastic. I'm obcessed with them. They are so warm and cosy specially when doubled up! :)

  7. Here's to cheap bubbly!
    But tonight I'm having Moƫt with my mum!
    Merino Glassons is awesome too! Get on it!

    1. Don't think I've ever done an outfit post before... Perhaps there will be more BB!


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