Thursday, May 24, 2012

small stuff

As Abigail nears her first birthday, I have put my mind toward getting her a little table and chairs.
I really want something that kind of blends in a little with our own furniture and while searching the other day came across this!
Also comes in white LINK to site
It's just delightful! From Bambou Home & Baby. The little chairs are the same as our dining chairs! The table so cute! But at $329 eek! I don't think so! Well if we won lotto! 
Such a great little website with some stunning children's furniture and adult stuff too! 

So the search continues... We could just get the Ikea on? Or I could go searching eBay? or the streets? Who knows what I could find! 
IKEA Kids table and chairs - LINK
Just look at Abi and Lexi a few weeks ago sitting at Lexi's little table (street side find painted white) and cute little 'old fashioned school chairs' picked up for a few dollars each at the Rozelle Market! 

Just realised you can't see the chairs anyway!
The chairs look a bit like this:

Found the image via google via HERE

Got any suggestions of places to look for some adorable yet cool children's furniture?


  1. Is your Husband or Dad able to make them?

    When I was younger, my Dad used to make us so many things from wood. He made a little picnic table once, similar to those at parks.

  2. Aww, that pic is sooo cute! Abigail looks like a big girl next to her friend, Lexi. HOW CUTE!!!!!!

    I am no help with the table situation, sorry :)

  3. The mini version of your chairs and table is too cute! Maybe get a couple of lotto tickets?

  4. I think Mocka has the cutest little things for kiddies. I am planning on getting the twinnies the table and chairs and some storage stuff and maybe the teepee- the list goes on

  5. So cute! such a good idea. maybe even check out your local salvo's?

  6. A couple of lotto tickets it is!
    Off to check out Mocka too!
    My bro inlaw possibly could make th all as he made my sis and his dining table and is an upholsterer... But would be an exxy assignment and not a cheap way to do it. Possibly my dad could??? I might actually ask him too!
    I don't think I can settle for the ikea :-(

  7. I second the Salvos suggestion. Ikea could work though if you painted them up nicely. Good luck!

  8. She looks as pleased as punch sitting up like a Big Girl!
    I think I need to get Bay a little table and chair now too, although I do like her to sit up at the table with us when we eat..
    I'd probably just go with the cheap/easy option as they grow out of things so fast.. although that Bambou table is gorgeous

  9. Hi there,
    Just came across your blog (when I did a search for the art above Nina Proudman's bed!). Saw this post and thought I would share the table and chair setting I ended up buying for our daughter - I found it to be a good compromise - suits our house, cute, and fairly reasonably priced :) And the stool holds an adult's weight, so great to get down and play with the kids!

    You have a great blog by the way!!


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