Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It seems that it is now more fun to play in the wardrobe than out on the floor

Cute gifts for my baby cousin that's on the way! And how adorable to I look in my Bonds Zip suit!

Surprises being bought home for me by my husband! (This is what I found in the freezer!)

Cooking up a puree storm! 

Cooking. I have had this book since 2005 and it has some awesome (& healthy) recipes in it.

We went to the Flemington markets and I picked up some adorable cards! We have a few 1st birthdays coming up.

I have not found a sippy cup that I like or that seems to work so we are trying to drink with a straw. So far without much success. We will keep trying.
We haven't been up to much. It's been cold. We are trying to save money but this weekend we are heading away to my parents holiday house in Barwon Heads for a night. Looking forward to beach walks and yummy food and family time.


  1. Abi is just adorable! Why wouldn't you want to play in the cupboard??! Hehe
    The little suit is so cute.
    A little getaway sounds great, enjoy Hun xx

  2. So much puree! Abi is a lucky girl ;-)

  3. I just love these types of posts! How beautiful is Abi?? She is getting so grown up. Hope you have a great weekend! xx

  4. We never had any success at all with sippy cups, went straight to straw cups. Tried it with milk first then water. Didn't take long at all :)

  5. Abi is growing up so quick - such a cutie :)

  6. You're a busy lady! Eve like to sit in our (unused clean) fireplace, I think it's the echo.

  7. Abi is such a cutie pie :)

    Love the cards.

  8. Have you tried Pigeon Mag Mag. I bought one after great reviews on it but M's not old enough to use it yet. Abi is such a spunk :)


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