Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dear Abigail (NINE Months Old)

Dear Abigail,

You are 9 months old! I can't believe it! Outside as long (longer actually!) than you were in.
It's been a very busy few months and I never did get around to your eight month letter so this is for the past 2 months.
The day you turned 8 months old was the day we 'officially' moved to Melbourne and also the day that you started to crawl! After 8 and a bit hours in the car driving on the 23rd of April we got to nana and pops house after a big stretch, pop was mucking around and placed a $100 note just out of your reach and  off you went on all fours! For about 2 weeks you would only really crawl for $100 notes (seriously!) and the Easter eggs that were left over.
Now you get about and today crawled and crawled and crawled! I was in my bedroom and you kept calling out to me and then there you were!
You are a little chatter box too! And we are sue we have had a few 'hi's' and 'bye's' out of you! You will even wave! But not always on command.
You're reflection still cracks you up and we have a little ritual after your bath to take a look in the mirror and have a little giggle.
We are all slowly settling into Melbourne life and also the semi rural life. It's very different than being so close to all our friends, but it's nice to be near nana and pop and aunty Emma and all your uncles.
And FINALLY you got some little toofs! I always said at the first sign of teeth we would stop breastfeeding, but so far there hasn't been any nipple biting so we will continue for a little longer.

You are a little champ and still not sleeping through the night... Or are you??? Just last night (22nd May) you slept from 10pm to 6.30am !!! (10pm you stirred so I gave you a dream feed)

We just love the little character that you are growing into and loving the 'mum, mum, mums' that come out! So nearly a few 'dad, dads' but not just yet.

Bless your little soul. We loved you to bits.


Dear Abigail (SEVEN months old)


  1. This photo is so cute!! my bubby got two little toofs and she is only 5 months old eek - I was in no hurry for them! I really relate to giving up your home,friends and life so you little one can be close to your family. Its amazing the love and the sacrifice you give to those cheeky bubs. Your post reminds me of all the cool things to come, so cute crawling and calling out to find you!

  2. Little Abigail is just getting cuter and sweeter by the second!

  3. Aww she's adorbs.
    You're doing a great job with the breastfeeding.
    She looks like a very happy little camper

  4. Just gorgeous! What a little champ :)


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