Thursday, May 17, 2012

cute stuff

For Easter I stumbled across these cute bunny ears for Abi. They were so super cute! And was so impressed with the seller that I have been checking out her stuff since!
This is the latest purchase! Little vintage fabric and felty boots! Great for keeping little feet toasty warm in winter! (Especially now that we are Melbourne'ites again - well me anyway)

And I am so so sick of dropping my iphone ALL THE TIME. It's only a few months old and already looking a little battered and bruised so I finally bought a cover(s)
I couldn't decide between two so I just bought them both!

Kate Spade red with white spots and a Cath Kidston colourful spots!
So much cute stuff! But I need to stop spending... I don't seem to have a job after all...

What cute stuff have you been unable to resist lately??? 

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  1. Abi's shoes are adorable!!
    My poor iphone is cracked too but I have to wait until Nov to get an upgrade :(


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