Friday, May 18, 2012


Two big things have happened in the past few weeks...

Crawling! We really need to get a rug soon. This house has tiles and they are hard and cold... Being so used to having floorboards it's something new... Lucky we can have lots of practice on the carpeted bedrooms and hall.

And I still can't upload videos :-(

And! For some reason on Thursday the 10th of May I had a little feel around and spotted (well felt!) these! Two little bottom toofs! We are pretty impressed with the ease in which they came through! And they don't seem to have bothered her at all!

Crawling gets little babies into all sorts of mischief! 

Checking out dad's books...

Now, I just wanted to mention that we have seriously CRAP Internet service where we are. During the day it's not too bad, but at night it's pretty much non existent. So bad that the other night we had to go to my parents and use their computer so that Erin could bid at an online auction.
So if you aren't receiving comments from me on your blogs there is actually a reason for it :-( and we have been told there isn't a thing we can do about it. So it's save save save and get out of here and closer to the city and buy a new home!


  1. I have terrible internet signal too, it drives me crazy! Peak times from around 6pm I can barely load a page!

    Yay for toothies!

  2. Gosh she looks like Erin in that last photo!
    I share your pain in waiting for a new home, come second week of June we have it but still not OURS :(
    I can't believe Abi is crawling, time is going way too fast.

  3. I get bad internet connection now and again and it's rather frustrating when you are in the middle of a long post with photos...anyway, it's great that Abi is crawling. Have started the baby-proofing yet?


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