Wednesday, May 16, 2012

mummy love

Mothers day was spent with family at my nana's house. We had a lovely day. xxx

But first there were gifts at home!

My beautiful girl (so hardly a baby anymore)

With my mum too!

Drinking a lovely Rose
This Rose was given to me by a friend as a thank you for lending her our Jumparoo while we went away once. She has a daughter the same age as Abi called Madeleine! I didn't want to 'just open it' for the sake of it so I thought Mothers Day was the perfect day for it!

Cold. But excited for Costco!
My sister and I decided to go halves in a Costco membership...
We always take our mum out for lunch for Mothers Day and on Monday (day after Mothers Day) we headed out to lunch at Docklands and then Costco'ed it up! Wowzers! Everything is BIG. Some cheap stuff (nappies) and some not so... You do need to be careful to not get too carried away.

Hope you all had a lovely Mothers Day and were spoilt and/or spoilt your mum! (or someone close to you)

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