Monday, March 12, 2012

the next phase

We are moving.

I have mentioned a few times that my husband is currently not working... He finished at the end of February. Because after 5 years of nagging from my father, he has finally decided that now is the time to make a move and take over a part of his business and help to grow the business and progress more for himself too.
Quite obviously I do not mind in the slightest! I moved to Sydney just a little over 8 years ago. And in that time I have met my husband and we have had our little girl. But now it's time to go home.
Home to family, a business, a career, friends and oh so much more!
It's going to be tough leaving Sydney. There is no denying. I have made so many wonderful friends, but they say 'home is where the heart is' and although I adore my husband to pieces and will always want to be with him, I know I need to be 'home' and back in Melbourne.

But now the hard work begins... Finding somewhere to live. Then finding a place to live! Renting out our home in Sydney (we aren't keen to sell just yet) and then actually moving interstate. That's all the stuff I am not looking forward to at all...

So! that's the latest here!

Can you help me on where to live?
And and recommendations on interstate movers??? 


  1. YAY! I have never felt more at home than when I moved here from rural NSW. Our kids love it here too.

    We love it in Point Cook its a great newish suburb that is designed for families. The houses are new, there are parks on every corner, a great shopping centre with brand new library and community centre. The schools are apparently great (we homeschool so thats irrelevant to us), plenty of after school activities in the area - soccer, netball, scouts, art class, ballet, dance ect. and just 20 minutes drive to the city. But if you have family here you might want to live near them or where you grew up. It was pure chance we ended up here and have never been happier.

    Good luck with the move.

    1. Point Cook a tad far away for us. That's actually where my bro is studying at the moment!
      Work will be Thomastown. M & D are in Whittlesea and Sis is near Essendon.
      Lots to think about!

  2. how exciting! I love Melbourne! I love Collingwood and would love to buy one of those old little cottages!

    I hate packing too but I've lived in 5 houses in the last 6 years so it gets easier each time! Its going to be soooo nice being near family with Abby- I'm not sure what I'd do without the help from our families!

    1. I think I have moved approx 5 times in 5 years. I hate it. Last may I made a huge statement that I wasn't moving for 5 years... Here we go again...

  3. How exciting to be coming home! There's lots of great places to live here and now you get the chance to try one of them - ever wanted to live in a particular suburb or area?

    1. I think because I've been in Syd for so long I can't remember!
      We are coming down V soon for a bit of a wander and discover and see what WR come up with!

  4. Great news, I have seen how much you miss it in some f your other posts so I'm glad you're moving.

  5. Wow, exciting news! It'll be so good for you to be closer to family - Abi really will grow up with her cousin! I've been away from Melbourne for so long and was only really there for uni so I can't offer any advice on where to live. Good luck with all the planning and organising and moving!

  6. Oh yay! How exciting hun! It sounds like it's going to be hard work but totally worth it.
    Good luck with the search and I'm sure your place in Syd will be gobbled up with renters in no time x

  7. Oh how exciting. Moving back home must be such a relief for you after having Abi.
    I too have wanted to move to Melbs, but it is proving almost impossible for my husband to get any work there :(

    Good luck xo

  8. Such exciting times for you and your family Sammie!!! Hope you manage to find a fantastic place to live in Vic soon.

  9. Oh, I only just saw this! You must be so excited to be moving closer to your family! I'm sure you'll be flat out in the next few weeks. Good luck with it all!

  10. AWESOME!
    SOO happy and excited for you!

  11. What about the eltham/mcleod? Or even out to south morang? Very new family orientated area and still pretty cheap.. Not quick to get to the city but if family and work is out that way it would be a great area - the husband and I were looking there before we decided to look out east instead.. Only thing is I'm not sure what schools are like around there ...

  12. Hurrah, congratulations to all of you!

    Sorry I was AWOL so this is a bit late. So happy for you guys and good luck with finding your next family home xoxo

  13. Wow Sammie - great news on returning to Melbs! I can't really help with the location (I currently live on the Mornington Peninsula, lived in Hawthorn prior to that, and grew up in Camberwell/Kew) but just wanted to say that my BIL and family live just south of Whittlesea in Wollert and his wife grew up in Whittlesea. Small world! I think Joey's suggestion of Eltham or South Morang sound like a great idea. Wonga Park is also meant to be lovely. Good luck with the move!

  14. Oh wow! More exciting times for you! Your life has been so full of activity within the last 3 years hasn't it??? I can always tell you heart has always been in Melbourne (I love Melbourne too!) and it will be great that Abi wil also call your home, home! Good luck with the move!

    My advice will be to live relatively close to your parents so the drop off for babysitting will be easier for you and them! x

  15. Hi Sammie,

    Its nashtobe from the Vogue weddings forum! Well...I guess it is just Nash now!!

    I am a sometimes stalker of your blog - love seeing how Abi is growing! Anyway, we live in (and love) Melbourne, so I thought now was a good time for my first comment!

    I didn't grow up in Melbourne, but since I moved here I have always loved the inner Eastern suburbs. But for you guys, and for your hubby driving to work, I think that would be too far. It would mean that he would have to drive across the Chandler Hwy which is NUTS in peak hour! From looking at pics of your current house I am guessing that you like period features in a place, so I would recommend Northcote, Coburg, or Preston - they are a shortish drive to Thomastown, have beautiful little period cottages, great public transport, and have great cafes, restaurants etc.

    As it so happens we have just bought a house to move away from Melbourne :(. Moving back to the town I grew up in so the kids (I have two now - Tom was born in October last year!) can grow up there and be closer to my parents. So it is happy and sad really.

    Anyway - enough from me! Enjoy your searches of Melbourne! xo


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