Thursday, March 8, 2012

And the winner is...

True Random Number Generator  3
Sorry guys, for some reason the max keeps changing to 100... I promise I put in 10.

The winner is: Natalie for In the Night Sky! (Have you checked out her blog?) She is slowly but surely renovating her house in Melbourne.  It looks awesome! She has great taste! 

Nat, can you email me at with your details (address) so I can send you your gift.

Some great ideas people! 
I've even been on the steamed vegies lately too! 
Trying to mix it up a bit as it seems Avocado on toast has been relegated to breakfast as that's what Abi now seems to enjoy.
And being as healthy as possible. It's not going to be long and Abi will be easting with us and what we eat... So it's time to take action.

We are off to the Hunter Valley for the weekend!!! Really looking forward to it! 
My parents are taking a few extra days either side of the Victorian long weekend and seeing as my husband is currently not working... We thought it would be fun!

See you next week!
With some pretty interesting, awesome, exciting (and even a little sad) news...


  1. Yippee, you've made my day! Off to email you now.

  2. Can't wait to hear the news and it must be fantastic having the Mr at home!

  3. Have fun on your trip! And congratulations to Natalie! I love reading her blog about her home renovations!

  4. I've been so caught up with things that I've had no time for logging. I missed the whole comp! x


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