Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend Away

This past weekend it was a long weekend in Victoria so my parents and my aunty and uncle came to Sydney and we headed up to the Hunter for a mini break.
They arrived on Friday afternoon. We picked them up from the airport and headed straight up there in a brand new Audi Q7 (thanks to the contacts my husband has!)
And we cam home on Monday afternoon.

Here is a few snaps from the weekend

Abi hanging with nana and pop

Bubble tasting at Petersons

Abi LOVED the bubble machine blowing bubbles from the ceiling

Bubbles are far more important than taking a family photo!

Sumday lunching at MUSE! YUMMO!

PErfect behaved baby at lunch!

10.30am on Monday at Tintilla... Not too early to drink wine???

Tintilla winery. A great recommendation from a work colluge!

What we actually bought home... Much more was drunk and LOTS more sent in the post..
A weekend throughly enjoyed by all.
And the sun shone the whole time too!


  1. Hi Sammie! Looks you and your family had a great time!! Can you email me at chic_mummy @ msn dot com please. You won my giveaway and I need your mailing address! Cheers!!

  2. I love wineries and they seem to agree with kids as well - not the alcohol bit but having nice gardens for them to run around in and babies love looking around too.

    Lily is a regular in the Swan Valley and Margaret River!

    Ooo I would love a Q7 but happy with the Q5 for now!

    I can't believe how much Abi has grown. Adorable!

  3. Yay! Welcome to my neck of the woods! D & I had our wedding reception at Hungerford Hill :)
    It looks like you had a fab weekend! My gosh you are like your Mum :)
    Ps it's never too early for wine tasting!

    1. I was all for getting tips from you! But then you went off and had a baby!
      Beautiful spot for a wedding! I would have got married there if I'd known about it!


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