Thursday, March 1, 2012


When I'm onto something I'm onto it...
Take for instance when I was pregnant. Chicken schnitzel all the way! My husband must have got so sick of it! I loved it! And because I went right off the smell of meat it was one good way to make sure I was getting protein.

I'm always looking for lunch options. And good, quick, healthy and cheap options.
Last nights left overs are always quite good. But sometimes (a lot of the time) there isn't any left!
I get stuck on different things all the time. Salada's (or similar) with cheese and tomato gets a good run. But I'm over that. And at the moment it's toast with Avocado and tomato with lots of cracked pepper and a little salt.

Yes, I've been playing around with Instagram again...

Anyway... On the weekend I met up with a few other mumma's from the Vogue Forum. It was fun! Always nice to put faces to names and great to introduce our bubbas to everyone too!
I had bought these strange cute cookie cutters a few months back so I decided to take cookies.

Not sure why this one wont rotate... More Instagram tomfoolery though...

Ok. So after all that... I have a set of these little cookie cutters to give away!
What I want is: 
"Give me a good lunch option that I can have that's easy, quick, healthy(ish), cheap and YUM!" 
A tip! I don't like tinned tuna, salmon etc... 
I'll leave to comp open for a week and by random number draw (better find out how to use one!) I will pick the winner! on the 8th of March 2012
Open to Australian residents only. Sorry :-( postage is too hard otherwise.

Oh! The cookie cutters are brand new! Not my used ones!  ;-)


  1. As I write this, I'm eating avocado and tomato on toast with S&P!! It's my fave breakfast :)

    Since I'm commenting, I'll chime in with a lunch suggestion. I love the garlic and herb Mission wraps, with hummous, grated carrot, cheese (feta if around), tomato, sprouts, cucumber and rocket.

    I have also been having a nachos style arrangement lately, with diced tomatoes, a little salsa, 4 bean mix, avocado and tiny bit of sour cream. I dip corn chips in it - but could be healthier by toasting wraps in under the grill till crispy.

    All my other faves involve tuna.... haha :)

  2. I love to make pizza wraps for lunch when I am home. A tortilla, pizza sauce, bit of ham, pineapple and some cheese. It sounds like it takes awhile, but it's actually very quick! I usually toast mine in the sandwich press and it is so good!

  3. The only thing I can think of at the moment (and I hope you like beans!) is to add a can of 4 bean mix, a can of chickpeas, some steamed grean beans, some diced tomato and some Kalamata olives in a bowl and dress with whatever dressing you like (or just olive oil infused with lemon is good). Little bit of cracked pepper over the lot and you are done. Makes enough that you'll keep going back to the fridge for more :)

  4. I don't know how to edit a comment, so I'll add another.

    Another quick lunch is tomato, fresh basil and bocconcini cheese with salt and pepper. You can cut it up and put the basil and cheese on tomato slices, or have it on crackers. So nice and refreshing!

  5. Right now - I am all over the Vita Wheats Lunch Slices (cracker things!). I love them with hummus, vine ripened tomatoes, fresh basil, cracked salt and pepper, with a dash of tobasco (because I am addicted to chilli). It’s a healthy, light lunch option and the best thing about the crackers is that they are substantial in size and yet don’t fall to pieces once you bite into them! Yum!!! :)

  6. Yum! Some great ideas do far!
    I'm having a late breaku-early lunch before we head to swimming lessons... Just tomato on toast today...
    With our new toaster! The other one caught on fire on Tuesday morning....

  7. ha those cookies are the cutest!

    ok a fave of mine is-ricotta, banana and honey on toast! SO delish and even Tallulah loves it sans the honey!

  8. Dont enter me, but I love smoked salmon and cream cheese on vita weets.

    It's what im missing most being pregnant :-(

    Or eggs on toast! When I worked close to home I used to come home and make eggs on toast for lunch all the time!

  9. I am totally obsessed with toasted sandwiches lately...perfect for these crappy rainy weather days!!!

  10. grrr....I thought I posted something but it didn't come up. So i'll try again!
    One of my favuorite lunches, which is also quick, easy and quite good for you would be falafel wraps.
    There is a lady up at the orange grove organic markets on Saturdays who sells falafel, babaganoush (sp?) and lebanese bread.
    Tasty, fresh ingredients for a wrap or even make a salad and toss the falafel in. They also freeze really well.
    You should def go and check out the markets on a saturday morning if you don't already!


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