Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Family Photo - February 2012

I made a new years resolution... To take at least one family photo a month. February = massive FAIL.
Realising that I have not yet taken a family photo this month, last night I played around with my new iPhone and the thingy where you can flip the photo thing and see what you are actually taking a photo of! All cameras should have this! That would be the stop of the arm out stretched photos that everyone takes! I have always been too shy and embarrassed to ask someone to take my/our photo so we have quite a lot like this!

Do you ask people random strangers to take your photo?

I love this shot!

Abs had her 6 month shots late yesterday. I have never coped well with them... And as she gets older I get worse! There we were sitting in the Dr's surgery and in walked my husband! He is worse than me with needles, but he was there to support us! He was with Abs and the Dr while she had the shots and then after he gives her a cuddle he hands her to me.
She sobbed and sobbed and it was horrible. I am so glad we now have a whole 6 months till the next ones. But! Cheeky mite then gave everyone a huge smile and laugh as soon as we walked back into the hall and the waiting room. She slept really well last night too!!!

Abigail's 6 month stats:
Weight - 7.40 kg (Growing well! she was 2.8 at birth)
Height - 69 cm's (How does a girl with shorty parents have a height for age in the 95% percentile!)
Head circumference - 43.5 (10.5 cm's more than at birth)

January 2012 - Family Photo


  1. I am loving that flip phone feature on the iphone too.. makes it much easier!
    You all look happy and relaxed in those photos which is nice to see :) Abi is a good mix of you two.. I can see a LOT of your DH in her! especially in that second photo!

    Bay just had her 12mo injections (late as usual!) and yes they are a bit tough!
    It is horrible seeing your little baby having a big needles stuck in her arms and legs! I try and remain calm so no anxiety rubs off on her.. but holding her down while they go in for that sceond jab is the worst cos she knows whats coming!! I find reminding myself how lucky she actually is to have free, easy, safe access to vacinations against a range of dreadful diseases does help a bit..
    So far The Mister has managed to avoid taking her for her jabs but he's scared of needles himself so don't think he's the man for the job! How nice that yoru DH could be there to hold Abi!

  2. Love all of these! You can really tell Abi is developing her own little (cheeky) personality. It's too cute watching them grow into their own little people.

  3. These are great, Sammie. Fun and natural. Better than a random's efforts. In my experience, random stranger is a hopeless photographer!! x

  4. such cute pics. I love the last one, its adorable!!! :D


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