Tuesday, February 28, 2012

another one on the way!


Yes! There is going to be a new addition to our family!!!
No! Not me! 
My sister is pregnant and expecting her first child in early September!

We are all very excited! Abi just wants to know where this cousin that we keep walking about is...

I have been having to keep this a secret for so long now... But finally we can talk about it!
I'm going to be an aunty! And I'm super excited about it. I love that Abi and the newie will be only a year apart in age too! I hope they grow up to be great friends.


  1. Lovely news. Congratulations to all of you! It will be so much fun for Abi to have a cousin around her age!

  2. Congrats lovely news! Its definitely baby time...Turns out both my sis in law's are pregnant so bubba is going to have 2 cousins only a couple of months apart this year. Fun times for all of us :) x

  3. OMG, I nearly lost it then thinking it was you again... Congrats for your sister :)

  4. Congratulations, how lovely for Abi to have a cousin so close.

  5. Oh congratulations Aunty Sammie!! What wonderful news <3<3

  6. Thanks guys! We are all super excited!
    I'm tipping a girl... Would be so great to be able to pass down some of Abi's beautiful things that she hardly has has a chance to wear!
    Angela! That's quite funny! And kinda what I was aiming for! (Grab peoples attention!) he he!!!

  7. That is sooo exciting! Congrats to your sister!!
    And it's great news for Abi, cousins are the best!

    I am busting for my sis to have a baby.. think its a way off but I can't wait for the day!

  8. Congratulations to your sister :-) I agree with the cousin age gap, hope they are great friends x

  9. Yay!!!

    So excited for you to be an Aunty :)


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