Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Friday EVERYONE!

I'm looking forward to a fun sunny weekend!
How about you???
And just because she's so damn cute (yes, even if I do say so myself!) here is Abi last night when her daddy way trying to feed her carrot...

No Daddy! I don't like carrot! (In fact I don't like solids at all!)

Enjoy your weekend and the sunshine!


  1. Can you nibble her cheeks for me please :)

  2. OMG way too cute! Enjoy your sunny weekend :)

  3. So cute! :)
    Enjoy your sunshine, its our turn for rain.

  4. So cute- look at those chubby little arms

  5. Love that innocent little "what? me?" look. Gorgeous!

  6. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Abi reminds me of Eve in that photo, all fluffy hair and butter wouldn't melt expression, so cute!

  7. Sammie, Abi's hair is cuter and fluffier than in the pics. Don't even get me started on her smile.

    It was lovely to meet both you and Abi today. Hope to see you 2 again really soon!!!

  8. She's adorabubble! Did she ever like solids or is this a new development?

    The Mummy at homemade heart (link on my side bar if you don't already read her blog) did baby led weaning and has a lot of information about it if you are interested. Very messy but certainly good for babies who don't take to solids. Good luck!

    K xx


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