Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dear Abigail (SIX Months Old!)

Dear Abigail,

Today you are six months old! That's half a year! Only another six months till you are one! It was a whole six months ago that you were born!
Another amazing month it has been. You are oh so talkative now and have some great expressions too! We know when you are happy and we know when you are sad.
Only a few days ago you finally rolled over!!! It's been a long time coming and you still will need quite a bit of practice till you have actually mastered the art, but just being able to get over from one side to the other has made you happier.
Feet! You have also discovered your feet! At every opportunity your feet are in your hands. And as soon as your nappy comes off the feet all of a sudden ended up in your mouth! (You don't seem to be able to get them up and over with clothes on yet!)
You smile at EVERY BODY! Absolutely every single person on this earth! You are such a happy baby and its a shock when you get sad or upset.

Now dear Miss... What's this food business??? You are not at all interested in food. Nothing! We have tried so many different things, just trying to find one thing that you just might eat and not spit back out, or blow raspberries with... And that's yet another tick you have mastered... Raspberries! And your quite pleased with yourself and the total mess you make of your clothes!

Sleeping is getting better. Day sleeps are now down to two a day, but normally two very good sleeps (Yay for no more 40 minute napping!) At nights you go down normally with a minimum of fuss, but why are we still doing two nightly feeds most nights. Gah! Mummy needs some real proper sleep!)

We are absolutely adoring spending every single moment with you. You make us smile and laugh all the time. We love to cuddle with you and have little chats.

You are by far more popular with you nan and pop than mummy is! If I was allowed to send you alone on a plane they wouldn't send you back!

Keep growing and continue to become more beautiful every day.
I love you to the moon and back.

Your Mummy.

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  1. What a little cutie. It's great to look back over the last 6 months or photos and see how much she's changed. Hope the next 6 months are even better!

  2. Happy 6 month birthday Abi.

    Lots of love

    PS: Babies born on the 23rd rock :)

  3. Oh Sammie that's beautiful. Abi is such a big girl now, what a little darling!

  4. Such a lovely post Sammie :)

    Its so crazy how quickly they grow!

  5. Half way to a year! I love this age since they really show their personality.

  6. Love these posts and I LOVE Abi's hair!!! She is such a little cutie!


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