Thursday, February 23, 2012

what have I done???

Oh my...
Look at this will you...
I've crazy changed by BIG mistake the langauge on my blog!

No idea what's going on. No idea how to change it.

And on such an important day for what was going to be such an important post :-(

Abigail is 6 months old today.
And until this is sorted I can't write her Dear Abigail post.

Somehow I have managed to get this out though...


  1. It's reading ok to me hun? This post is a little skew-if in terms of alignment but I can still read it ok.

  2. Same ^^^ it's aligned to the right but looks like normal!

  3. Yay for six months bday :-). Blogger can be a painful sometimes!!

  4. As already said - it's fine, just aligned to the right. Try editing the post and changing the alignment. Sometimes you don't realise you've clicked on something until something like this happens (I've done it heaps myself!).

  5. Yep. You guys see English. I can trype in English. The margins are wrong. And all tabs etc... Are in some mumbo jumbo. Going to take a photo and add to this post.

  6. WOW ok! I see what you mean now.
    It looks like you use the new interface? On the top right hand corner there is a little cog, next to that should be a drop down. Can you see an English option there?

  7. Stumbled across it!!! Then just read your relay Reezy!
    Oh I'm so happy! I thought I'd be starting a whole new blog again!!!
    Wah Hoo!!!!


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