Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's time to say goodbye

Today Abigail and I are heading home to Sydney and home to husband and daddy.
We are so lucky that he doesn't mind us spending a bit of time in Melbourne while he works.

Abigail has finally started to roll!! And in the same day she also has started to suck on her toes!
Mmm! Tasty!
After much discussions with mum we finally agreed on a high chair to keep at mum and dad's house. Here is our new one! $47 on sale at Target. By Childcare and very similar to the Ikea one.
If you think that highchair could be for you then head to Target ASAP! The sale finishes today!

She actually loves it! Although this photo doesn't show it!
And finally to end our trip we did as we are told to do on Shrove (PANCAKE) Tuesday! and made pancakes! (Well Pikelets actually!)

So back off home today and back to reality. Need to start thinking about work (me going back - Boo) And so so much more...


  1. Yum those pikelets look lovely! Hope you have a safe trip home.

  2. Oh gosh, going back to work. Sad face :((
    Abi is so clever being able to roll now.. and suck her toes! I can barely touch mine at the moment lol!

  3. What a wonderful holiday but back to work thoughts are yucky!

    I can't wait for Logan to start eating his feet, he's already trying to gnaw off his hands - still doesn't realize they belong to him but oh well.

  4. Always sad to head back to reality and leave family. X
    ps. I nominated you for a Versatile Blog award - if you want to accept, check details on my blog :)


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