Tuesday, February 21, 2012

when mummy isn't looking

This is what my nana and pop do with me...

I munch on figs!

Feed me pizza

I drive the tractor

Dress me up in silly bows and tea towels

Give me cream off the pavlova mummy made

Feed me strawberries - I liked it before mummy looked at me!

"Help" with the cooking
And so much more! I love hanging out at my nana and pops house!


  1. Look how big she is. Beautiful xx

  2. So cuuute! Agreed Nell, she's so big now :)

  3. Way too cute, she's getting so expressive!

  4. Love the one with the bow in the hair and the tea towel around the neck, great accessorizing! And in the tractor... too cute! x

  5. She's growing up so quickly!

    Being spoilt rotten by Grandparents...is there anything better :)

  6. She's adorable! Love all the pics. My father-in-law used to sneak a little piece of chocolate to E when he was just starting to eat. Part of the experience of being a Pop I guess haha.

  7. So cute, Sammie. I reckon this is exactly the kind of stuff grandparents are made for! x

  8. She's looking very relaxed behind the wheel of the tractor.. and agree, so grown up! bless her cotton socks


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