Friday, March 2, 2012


I was sorting through some photos and stuff the other day and came across these pictures!
They were taken the night before Abi was born. I thought I had at least another week!
We thought the socks and stuff were so tiny and there was no way they would fit! For sure they were going to be too small!!! But they weren't... They were all too big. We ended up heading out and having to buy her a few things that were TINY.
I'm reminiscing. My girlfriend just had her little twinnies! A little girl Mia Kate and a little boy Arie James.
They both weigh about 2.5kg's each! TINY! (Abi was 2.8kg's) I can't wait to meet them!


measuring up socks on the belly!

Marquise 0000 singlet. This came down to Abi's knees! Way too big for her!

Socks, singlets, tights and mittens ready to go! 
Gosh! They grow so quickly. It's sad, but so exciting and rewarding every day.


  1. These pictures make me so excited :)

  2. I know it always saddens me when I have to pack away the small clothes :(

  3. Naaw too cute! I've just been packing my hospital bag.. I was thinking the exact same thing.

  4. Love those pics, hope your friend has a wonderful time with her double joy! Have lots of lovely snuggles when you get to see them.

  5. Double trouble for your girlfriend!!! *lol* Congrats to her. How wonderful to get two in one hit.

    The pics on this post are soo cute. When my Bubba grew out of his baby clothes I made sure I kept the ones i really really really liked, I know, a bit selfish when I could've lend them to friends, but it kinda paid off cos we ended up having another boy so the clothes are being worn a second time around. :)


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