Sunday, February 12, 2012

slowly does it

So Abigail's room still isn't done.... I AM A BAD MOTHER.
But! I'm getting closer!
When Abi was born we were given two prints that were a little different, a little quirky and super cute!
Finally I sent them off to the framers and we picked them up over the weekend.

And then because it started to rain instead of staining our deck (story of our lives) Erin hung the prints in Abi's room!

And yes... That is the TV that' supposed to be in our room STILL on the dresser... BAD FATHER!

And then! Because he was on a roll.... He FINALLY hung my painting in our living area above the lounge!

I love Sundays when we have no plans. I love pottering around at home and getting things done.

What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. Those prints in Abi's room are gorgeous.
    Love the print above your lounge!

    By the way, if Abi's room not being ready makes you a bad mother then I must be terrible because my Chubster's room isn't quite there either *HAHA*

  2. I sewed!

    Love those prints, so unique.

  3. I love the prints you have for Abi's room, they're very sweet. The weather is constantly putting off the sealing of our pavers too!

  4. Love the prints they are so cute! I like the soft nature tones it's not too much on the eyes. I know babies love color contrast but sometimes I found it's too much for the eyes..

    Love your paintings too! It goes with your sofa :-)


  5. Those prints are super cute!! Love it when things like that get done <3

    I went to a baby shower on Saturday.. there were 8 pregnant ladies there!! And then had a family BBQ yesterday. It was all really lovely :)

  6. if your a bad mother then im a TERRIBLE one! we still share a bedroom!

  7. Those prints are too cute! I'm the worst mother ever - I haven't even got any prints for my daughter's room yet and she's 14 months (oops). I do have the removable stickers on two of her walls though...hopefully that'll make up for it haha xx

  8. ok! So maybe I'm not that bad! Thanks for making me feel lik super mum!
    Reezy! 8 at one baby shower!!! Jeepers!!!
    Leah! Your with your in laws! That makes you a saint!
    Christie story of our life... THe deck was finished the day before Abi was born! Nearly 6 months ago! I just want my back yard done!
    BB! You moved house! Bubba and Chubba's rooms dont have to be done yet!

  9. Bad mother? Sammie, a bad mother would have decorated the nursery and forgotten about Abby! If it's any consolation, I never did finish (or really even start) a nursery for the Badoo. No time!

    The pictures are all three marvellous. x

  10. He he. Hands up to being a bad mother too... still waiting for the cot to be assembled (she's in a bassinet) and artwork still to go on to the walls. Plenty of time, I figure!

    The prints are gorgeous :)


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