Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sales and Stuff

Today I went to the Infancy sale in Balmain.
I walked up and met a girlfriend who took the morning off work! (It's that good she said!)
Here's my haul:

All up it was $61.... The dress was the most expensive at a 50% off reduced price of $23 ! The other bits and bob's ranged from $5 - $12 !!!
The little skirt was only $10 and Abi already has the pilchers the same and also the top that matches!

There has been a bit of talk lately about 4D scans... We had them done.
I'm glad I did, but wont worry for no. 2 (If there is a no. 2!)
We were advised to get the best shots you should get them done between 20-25 weeks. We had ours done at 22.4 weeks
Here's what our little bubba looked like back then:

It's been a little bit of an expensive week here... Because we have wooden floors and Abi is spending so much more time of the floor lately I thought the best thing was to get some type of matting.
I didn't want to spend a fortune, but I wanted something good and that would last.
I went to Clark Rubber, but I thought that their matting was a bit hard? And the squares were $10 each... To have them for a short time before Abi starts rolling around then crawling.... Nope... Not for me...
Then I went to Mothercare... They still didn't really have what I wanted, but I came home with a puzzle rubber mat that cost me $35. The ages for this item said 3+ years. I chose this in the end because at least it can be re-used when she is bigger as an actual puzzle too!

And because I can... Here's Abi after she woke up yesterday afternoon! That smile melts my heart!


  1. Seriously that is a gorgeous smile, def made me smile :D

  2. Aww, she looks so happy to see you!

  3. he he! I saw her... Ran down stairs... Grabbed my camera... ran back up stairs and snapped away!!!

  4. Naaw I can't wait for these smiley moments!
    Great shopping haul.

  5. It's so lovely when they wake up happy and smiley.. she looks so adorable in those last two pics!
    The 4D ones are really fascinating.. I wish I'd some done.

  6. Wahhh I don't know what's going on but all of your writing is in some weird format and it's definitely not English!!


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