Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge (2-6)

So far I have been sticking to my photo a day challenge!
But like I sad... I'm going to post them every few days instead of every day. I have been taking the photo on the actual day though!

Day ONE posted...

Day TWO - WORDS (Trying to work out what to have for dinner... We didn't have either!)

Day THREE - Hands (My beautiful baby girls hand on mine)

Day 4 - A Stranger (Finally! After a rainy week, Abigail and I went for a walk and people watched!)

Day FIVE - 10am (My mobile phone)

Day SIX - Dinner (Lasagna... YUM! Best one I have made in a while)


  1. aren't little bubba hands just gorgeous! mmmm lasagne :)

  2. So glad I read this over breakfast, if it was dinner time I would be having major lasagne envy!

  3. Wow you are doing so well with the photos...keep it up! x


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