Saturday, February 4, 2012

Muffin Top

I have been spending quite a bit more time at home lately. I find that Abigail is a much nicer, happier baby if she gets to have some 'proper' sleeps in her own bed.
That being said, I like to have stuff to do while she is sleeping...
I've started trying out new recipes and baking a bit more lately.
Today she slept in till 9am! So it was nice to have a little sleep in myself. I was tired... I stayed up and watched 'The Sound of Music' last night... (and by looking at Facebook this morning I wasn't the only one!)
When Abi went down for a sleep at around 11.30 I decided I would try out a white choc and raspberry muffin recipe that I found in Julie Goodwin's (the first Masterchef) book.
Easy peesy and I had all the ingredients!

They are scrumptious! I have already had 2! The bottoms were moist and the tops nice and crunchy! I love love love the top of a muffin! BUT! Better be careful or I will end up with my own muffin top!

EDITED: To add the recipe! (I'm lazy... I just photographed it!)


  1. We love muffins around here too, Sammie. S easy, so yummy and so cakey (but somehow not as guilt inducing!) x

  2. Ooooh can you share the recipe pretty please! They look so yummy and I promised Hubby a baked treat this weekend :)


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