Monday, February 13, 2012

Because we can!

We are heading back off to Melbourne for a week tomorrow!!! I'm missing my family. They are missing us. It's only been three weeks and Abi has changed so much... My mum pretty much begged us to come... I didn't need my arm to be twisted! So we are leaving the rain! Yippiee! Leaving my husband to work. Boo. And heading off for yet more time up in the air! My little one needs a frequent flyer account of her own! The way she's going she would be entitled to a round the world trip by her 5th birthday!!! So... Not that my posting has been all that frequent lately... But it's possibly going to be a little less frequent again for the next week. xxx


  1. yay! Have fun here :)

  2. I'm sure you'll have fun being back here - enjoy :)

  3. Have a fantastic time and lots of cuddles!

  4. I'm going to Melbourne tomorrow too! I wonder if we are on the same flight! LOL Have fun!


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