Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today I got organised early and out the door nearly before my husband!
We are having a few friends over tomorrow to celebrate Australia Day!
I was super excited when I got to the shops and I was FINALLY able to park in one of these:

Abigail was just 5 months old the other day and this was the very first time I have ever been able to snag a PWP (parents with prams) spot!
Look I know, blogging about getting a PWP spot seems pretty poor, but bear with me...

So. The PWP spot. Do you agree? I kind of do.
I love that the spots are bigger and you have room to open the car doors wider and move the pram around etc...
But what I don't agree with is where they are located to the entrance to the shops. I have legs. Good ones in fact. I really don't think that I must park right next to the entrance of the shop.
Why not have a few extra PWP spots, but just move them a little away from the entrance?

What do you think? Are you a PWP fan? 
Do you always look for a spot close to the entrance or just park where you can get a spot?


  1. I agree Sam. I have legs and can walk! But I've come to realize that the spots close to the entrances are great when it is raining, or really really hot!

  2. I usually park where ever I can get a spot. But I do live in Sydney and ANY car spot is rare. I hate driving around looking for the car spot, its like a mirage!
    Funny....ive never even thought about the PWP spots. I think the only reason they would be handy is the size? But having them so close to the entrance is not necessary, shouldn't they be for disabled? not able bodies?

  3. I keep seeing them when I don't have Logan with me - I'm still too nervous to take him out shopping because he loves to scream.

    I agree with you though, they should be scattered around. I enjoy walking with Logan in the pram and a few extra metres would actually be good to settle him!

    PS: A post about PWP is awesome, I can't wait to park in my first bay ;)


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