Monday, January 23, 2012

5 months old!

Because we are away I will hold off for a day or so on my "Dear Abigail" post.
But we couldn't go past the milestone without a photo or two!

We are practicing sitting every day! Sometimes with success... Sometimes not!


  1. Happy 5 months to Abi! Her outfit is very cute!

  2. Naaw adorable! Look at her little outfit. She's getting to be so big and will be running around before you know it!

  3. Abi has the most amazing eyes, such a cutie. Wow 5 months already! It really flies by doesnt it!

  4. Time moves at the speed of lightening!
    Abi gets comments on her eyes everywhere we go! They are a stunning blue colour and these pictures don't do them justice! I used my phone to take them and normally it gives her red eye.

  5. Hurrah for the 23rd babies :)

    Abi keeps getting cuter & cuter!

  6. she's adorable! You won the Bakers Delight gift vouch S! Email me your address and I'll pop it in the mail x

  7. I lurrrrrve Abi's outfit! Happy 5th month birthday to Abi. Seems like it was only yesterday that I was reading her birth story post. :)



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