Friday, January 20, 2012

time for me

Since having Abi I hardly ever get time for me.
My husband works long hours and lots of days. We sometimes joke that its a bit like I'm a single parent!
I'm lucky to have him and I'm lucky that because  he works so hard I don't have to rush straight back to work
Finding time for me and just me can be hard. I'm pretty much on call 24/7.
Spending time in Melbourne is great! Sometimes its just the little things like spending a few extra minutes in the shower that mean so much!
Thanks to a wonderful mum (and sister when she's not working) I get a chance for a little 'me' time.
And today that me time consisted of a pedicure! And a fringe trim!
So I'm feeling great!!!

OPI - Melon for Troy (what a strange name)
What things do you do when taking some time out for you?


  1. Im the same, a little longer in the shower is BLISS. Then painting my toes. Even straightening my hair, and applying a little makeup to go out these days is difficult.

  2. I straighten my hair as well when I have some spare time to myself. At least once every weekend MrBB (when he is not traveling) takes the kids and I just sit in the bath and relax!!! :-)

    By the way, I hear ya on the feeling like a single parent sometimes. Specially when MrBB is travelling for work.


  3. Definitely a pedicure at the day spa which is thankfully on the same street as my house and are open until 9pm. Mr A gets home and I pop down for an hour, it's great. An extra few mins in the shower is always appreciated too.

  4. Btw I just noticed you're wearing melon of troy, that's my favourite summer colour =)

  5. Was waiting for someone to have a go at me about wasting water! Seems those few extra minutes in the shower are quite popular!

  6. I'm only starting to get back into the rhythm of things. I go to the gym and get monthly massages. So nice just to have that 'me' time where I can relax and not having to worry about Lily. You will have the time back too.


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