Sunday, November 27, 2011


We had a ball! Oh such fun!
We didn't do all that much really... Just hung out with each other, family and friends.

Mum flew up on the Sunday, we drove down on the Monday with Abi. She was a dream! So so proud of her!
We had a week of cruising around town and hanging out with mum. Went to lunch for my sisters birthday at Crown, caught up with a girlfriend from school. Our two baby girls are 5 weeks apart in age (was supposed to be 2.5 as far as our DD's were!)

A week later, Erin joined us for a weeks holiday. We spent time at the beach and my parents holiday house.
We cruised around Melbourne some more.
I decided I wasn't ready to go home... So I didn't! I stayed a few more days, while Erin drove the car home and we flew home later in the week.

Here is our holiday in photos!

Out for lunch with Aunty Emma for her birthday!

Visiting my pop in hospital - he has had a stroke (but should be ok)

Lunch in Barwon Heads at 'at the heads'

First time dipping our toes in the sand and sea! (Abi not me!)

When your crusin Melb's you need sunnies! 

At my cousin's 21st we had a 4 gens photo taken. That's my dad and grandparents

Abi's new swimmers! $9 from target! Cute! But way too big for her!!!

My friend Sarah and her little girl Amelie. Amelie 5 mths, Abi 3 mths.

Pop (my dad) bought Abi a pony!

A bit of tummy time.

And that's about it! 
Throughly enjoyed our time away. Didn't miss much in Sydney either! Weather wise especially!

Will do some other posts on bits and pieces of what we did while we were away later on.

What's everyone been up to?


  1. whoa you were busy! There are some great photos there, Abi is such a sweetie.. She's a great mix of the two of you..

    She just looks sooo cute in those bathers.. she will be bursting out of them in no time..

    Ahh happy days with the family xoxo

  2. She is sooo cute! Nothing better than hanging out with family when you have such a little baby. x


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