Monday, November 28, 2011

Mothers Group

I'm sure I have mentioned before about my mothers group.
I landed a good group. A very good group indeed.
I went to the first 3 of the 4 planned visits at the helath centre. The fourth I was away. Ever since we have been meeting up on a Wednesday at a dofferent location. So far it's been a different pub each week! (The beauty of living in Balmain)
Early on one of the girls set up a Facebook page and we all keep in contact through that, plus email and texts.
Quite often at any time durning the week someone will post on FB or test that they are going for a walk, to the park, grabbing a coffee and if anyone would like to catch up.
It's fun! We even did a Melbourne Cup thing!

On Saturday we had a 'family day' at the Gladestone Park Bowls Club with the fathers and one of the mothers has step daughters. Unfortunatly with all the rain there has been in Sydney we couldn't play any bare foot bowls... So we just had to drink instead! Ah... Many expressed bottles of milk came out again!
It was lovely! So nice to meet the fathers and see the similarities of the fathers and babies!
We also decided to to a Christmas Kris Kringle! CUTE! We set a limit of $20 which meant you could get something good, but not be spending too much money.

Abi got Angelique a Sophie Giraffe teether (was on sale for $12 from Baby Bunting) and cute 'My first Christmas' outfit that was Bebe and I picked it up cheaply at the DJ's outlet at Birkenhead Point and a maracka rattle thingy from Seed.
We were very impressed with Abi's shopping ability and sale finds!

Conor had Abi and gave her the most beautiful dress from Mothercare and a rattle snake soft rattle thingy! I think it's going to be her Chrostmas day outfit!

Abi being a cranky pants at gift giving/receiving time
Abi's gift. She was very spoilt. I know that the dress alone cost more than $20
Did you join a mothers group? 
Were you as lucky as us to be part of such a great gruop of people?


  1. Gorgeous dress - Abi will look very sweet on xmas day. I'm part of a lovely mums group, it is so nice that another group (that was very small) asked to join us! We're about to do the beach bbq so we can all meet each other's partners....we all know each other and our babies so well that it is kind of weird that we don't know the other halves:)

  2. Your so lucky to have found a lovely mummy's group. Now that Ive moved back to Sydney, I might have to start looking for another group for Little G and I to join!!! Can't wait :)

  3. My Mothers Grp has been a real life line for me. It's how I met almost all the people in town who I now consider friends. Becuuse its a small town its a bit of a free-for-all and includes all babies under 1yo- so there is a wide variety of age groups.. but it makes it quite fun and there is less direct comparisons.
    Most of the girls up here have no family etc so we are all a big support group for one another and I'd be lost without them

  4. I love my mothers group big time! I agree with Emmie its been a lifeline! couldn't imagine my week without my playdates with the ladies!


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