Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dear Abigail (THREE months old!)

Photo taken at Barwon Heads on the 13th of November

Dear Abigail,

How did you get to become three months old already! Where has the time gone? It is going oh so fast.
What a month it has been. We have spent most of the month with Nana and pop in Melbourne and daddy even took a week off to have a holiday with us!
We went to a fancy pants restaurant with you for your Aunty Emma's birthday and you were brilliantly behaved.
You dipped your feet in the sand and water at the beach and you have been smiling and chatting up a storm!
I used to wish that time would stand still for a little bit and that you would stay small.. Well I don't anymore! You are becoming more and more of a joy to be with every day (you are still small though!)
People still think you are just a little newie but when we tell them how old you are they  are so surprised!
You are growing each and every day, but you are still wearing some 0000 and NB clothes!
Finally this month the outfit that you were supposed to wear home from hospital fits! But it wont be for long so we are getting lots of wear out of it! It's only a plain little onsie, but it was the first thing we bought for you and daddy used to carry it around on his shoulder pretending you were in it! "Is she going to be this small?" he would say! Well yes, you were! You were much smaller!

But now finally you are weighing over 5kgs!!! (at 12 weeks old!)

Love you more and more each day,
Your Mummy.


  1. Just beautiful. Gosh time is certainly flying, I can only imagine how you must be feeling!
    SUCH an adorable photo, cheeky lil monkey ;)
    It sounds as though baby Abi hasn't slowed you down much, I can only hope to keep up our social life to a certain extent.

    PS thank you SO much for your pram advice. I've added the MB Swift to my list and will hopefully find some time to go in store and check it out really soon!

  2. This is such a lovely post Sammie, it sums up how I feel about my little Georgi too.

    She still isn't weighting much either, not even 6kilos and she is almost 5 months old!! she still wears her 0-3months old onesies!!! But she is super long, so I have to start buying her some new clothes this weekend! Super excited!!!

    BTW she is getting cuter and cuter, look at that gorgeous smile :D

  3. Thanks Reezy. Have slowed down heaps... But my motto is 'have baby, will travel'
    Also on the swift.... You won't need a stroller later down the track. Everyone I know with the swift with 1+ year olds haven't bought a stroller where as others with different prams have found it necessary.

  4. Happy 3rd month birthday Abi!!!!
    Sammie, that is such a great pic of Abi, she looks the picture of happiness and cheekyness :p

  5. What a great photo of Abi! So funny and full of character :)

  6. aw she is so sweet! That photo is gold!

    Tallulah was a itty bitty thing too and still is we have just packed away the 000 and she just turned one....! A plus is that they wear so much wear out of their clothes!

  7. That photo is an absolute classic - so cute! Hope you are enjoying your holiday!

  8. Gorgeous photo Sammie.
    Sounds like you have had a wonderful month with family and friends- I don't blame you for wanting to stay in Melbs as long as you can.

  9. Cheeky girl! Happy 3rd month Abi! Sounds like you had a great time in Melbourne. It helps when the baby is well behaved :) x


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