Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Birthday Boys!

Today it's my brothers birthdays!
Yep! Both of them.
Matt is 23 and Jack is 20.
Born the same day, but 3 years apart.

Love them to pieces.

This is a photo of a photo - so not a brilliant shot
This photo is a favorite of mine.
I am actually guessing that my sister and I made the boys breakfast in bed for their birthday that day!



  1. the photo is sooooo cute!

    how bizarre they were born on the same day!!

  2. haha what are the chances?! Love old school photo's :)

  3. I just love old family photos!

    Happy birthday to your Bros!

  4. Cute photo! I'd agree with the 'what are the chances?' sentiments but that we have a friend who shares his birthday with his mother, younger brother and, now, wife!


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